Tofu Burger

September 8, 2021

Simple tofu burger recipe, made even easier with a packaged mix.


  • Tofu, 1 package (12-14 oz)
  • Toppings such as broccoli, onion
  • A pre-made burger mix, such as House Foods Tofu Burger Patty Mix
  • Optional: ground beef, egg


  1. Drain some water out of the tofu.
  2. Cut any toppings into small pieces.
  3. In a big bowl, mix together tofu, vegetable toppings, and maybe ground beef.
  4. Note: I personally like to add a little bit of ground beef into my mix, but I also sometimes make it vegetarian.
  5. If the mix is not sticky enough, try adding an egg or two.
  6. Take small batches of the mix and form into patties.
  7. Cook each patty in a pan for about 4 minutes each side.
  8. Service with sauce; my family likes mixing Japanese Worcestershire sauce with ketchup.